What Is This Blog About?

Since I am introducing this blog as a fresh new blog, I thought I would take a few minutes to explain exactly what it’s about.

In short, it’s about me, and my views, and my life, and the passionate love I have for Jesus and the Word of God and how it tells us we should live our lives, and the direction it tells us the world is going.

The End Times 

Ok, so yeah, obviously I created this blog with the presupposition that we are in the end times, and I still believe this. I don’t know exactly when “IT” will happen, I don’t know exactly how much prophecy has been fulfilled, I do however know what hasn’t been fulfilled yet. I also know, most important of all, that Jesus told His believers 2,000 years ago to be prepared for the Day of the Lord so that I shall do.

I’m definitely interested in self-reliance, survivalism, and end times prophecy, but the end times have come to mean something much more internally spiritual over the last few years. Namely, the spiritual state of always being prepared for His return. The Christian walk is all-or-nothing, so you’re either ready to meet Jesus and keeping oil in your lamp for His return, or you’re not. Plain and simple.

These days can be very scary to be a parent, and when I first had babies, I was constantly worried about what would happen to them if we went through the great tribulation in our lifetime.

The truth is, it is possible at any point in time to go through tribulation, and many mothers since the history of time have had to watch their children suffer and even die. Abraham typifies the ultimate spiritual sacrifice we must make in his willingness to sacrifice Isaac to God–knowing full well God would still fulfill His promise that Abraham’s seed would be bountiful through Isaac. A lot of people miss the point of that story.

We need to trust the Lord’s promises to us and to our children. A few years ago, He spoke to me that no matter what, He would keep me and my children, and that nothing physical could compare to the glory He would reveal to us.

The Calling of Homemaking 

That being said, the daily grind of Christian parenting often involves much more temporal challenges than the crippling existential fear of facing the end times as parents. Haha.

Because I am a very ideological Christian and former feminist and leftist, I feel very strongly that parenting, marriage, and homemaking are all Biblical callings that we must address as such. Motherhood, homemaking, and being a wife are not oppressive, they are wonderful and fulfilling ways to participate in the Body of Christ. They are also incredibly functional roles to play in a thriving society, and we have seen our society suffer immensely as women try to fill the role of men in society while expecting no change to their cherished status as the nurturers and caretakers of society.

Sorry, there I go getting super heady again. More on that in many future blogs.

My point is that learning how to keep house, raise children, have a thriving marriage, and, basically, manage modern adulting (which, let’s face it, is hard even when you’re single) is hard. Dang hard. I’m pretty passionate about household management because I’m an avid student of it. So, this is definitely going to be your average mom blog as well, in the context, however, that housewifery is an incredibly vital part of being a Christian woman and mother.

Conservative Philosophy and Politics

My number one philosophical dedication is to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God contained in the pages of the Holy Bible. That being said, gosh darnit I’m an American Christian and I wholeheartedly believe that while outrageously imperfect, our country was founded on the unique belief that our rights and value come from God, and not from the government.

Given I believe that absolute morality is defined by God Himself and not the government, I do appreciate living in the United States and feel pretty passionately about the Constitution being upheld. At times a hobby, at times a source of righteous anger and indignation, politics, the culture war, and feuding ideologies fascinate me, and, granted I’m a writer, evoke many passionately expressed words. I am a proud conservative Constitutionalist and not afraid to say so.

So in short, I’ll definitely be ranting about politics here as well, and possibly working on some news-in-five-minutes type content for busy moms on either Facebook or Instagram.


I almost posted this without including my passion for homeschool. I am a six-day-creationist, Bible-literalist, gun-totin’, liberty-loving American Christian, I do happen to homeschool and that is a huge part of my life.

I also (remember, I said this would be an average mom blog!) love to make printables for my homeschool and will be sharing many details of the journey I am on to home educate my children and raise them up in the proverbial way they should go.

Health and Fitness

And finally, my third passion that I hope to address on this blog is that of health and fitness. The gym is my happy place, and I’ve grown increasingly interested in weight management and fitness nutrition this year.

Coming from the background of being, ok, a total hippie for basically all of my life, I am really excited to share more about fitness nutrition from a holistic, real-food-based standpoint, since I am very opposed to processed foods and have lots to say about modern food production and the obesity epidemic in our country and how it’s basically been designed to destroy….OK I won’t get super heady again. You get the point. I can pontificate on all that later.

So, there you have it. My new blog plan for the reborn End Times Mama. Faith, commentary, and lifestyle. Now let’s see if I can pull off the crazy fusion of ranting conservative moralist, home organization fanatic, and annoying fitness buff all in one.

Let’s go.


In A Divided America, Our Battle is Not Against Flesh and Blood

I am a Constitutional conservative who voted for Trump, believe in the Second Amendment, and am fed up and sick of the left’s identity politics and the culture wars.

I am also a native to California, I have brown hair, O- blood type, I’m short, a fan of bluegrass, I don’t like spicy foods, and I am incredibly fond of watching British costume dramas when I’m laid up in bed with a cold.

These are aspects of who I am as a person in the world in its current state, but they’re not where my true identity lies. If America perished entirely tomorrow and all the ideas on which it was founded completely, my world would certainly be shaken up but my worldview would not be altered.

All this is to say, I have strong opinions about our culture and our government, but they are all second of all to the views that define me in Christ. And in Christ, I believe that it is my sole duty as a Christian to shine His light in the world and place Him above all other things.

This is a constant battle, to be sure.

Everything from the outrage I feel at some aspects of leftist ideology to the defiance of my 4-year-old when he is once again instructed to put his pants back on threaten to interfere with my relationship with the Lord.

Although there are often aspects of righteous anger at leftist ideology as something that directly sets itself up in opposition to the Word of God that it is my duty to defend, and my 4-year-old must certainly learn to obey his mother’s authority and wear pants, how I react to these things can either come from the flesh or be guided by the Holy Spirit. 

I will fully admit to you I most commonly tend to react in the flesh, but I do pray daily for the Holy Spirit to play a bigger role in how I handle the temptations my flesh is exposed to in every aspect of my life.

And trust me, while sanctification is very much a process, He does answer.

Something He has put on my heart lately is how important it is to remember Ephesians 6:12, a verse that in my opinion ought to define the worldview of every single believer in Christ:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this darkness, against evil, spiritual forces in the heavens(Ephesians 6:12 KJV)

As Christians, in the raging culture war and increasingly hostile political environment of the United States and the Western world, I believe we are often genuinely called to respond and be a voice for absolute truth and morality. Issues like abortion, sexual immorality, the natural family, and the prevalence of paganism and the occult in our culture all require our vocal response, in my humble opinion, especially as Christians are constantly lured towards adapting their views to the world’s morality on these issues rather than the Biblical view.

But we must never lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day this is all a spiritual battle. The people who we are often called to speak against are deceived, by spiritual forces that are utterly determined to undermine the knowledge of God.

That’s it. This isn’t hocus pocus, this is a Biblical reality. There is a spiritual realm that we do not see (for a reason) that has a battle going on tangentially to our own reality and Ephesians 6:12 reminds us what our role is in it.

This is why it is so important not to hate the people we oppose, but just their views. Satan would love for us to preach the morality of the Bible from a place of condemnation and hate, and let’s be real, Christians do this sometimes. 

As soon as we lose sight of the reason we might defend our own views we lose the love of Christ.

Because ultimately, the only views we should have are those of Christ. And if you’re not arguing with someone online or challenging unbelieving family members to reconsider their views for the sake of turning them to the Lord Jesus Christ, then why are you doing it?

Here’s the beauty of all this: Jesus has already guaranteed us of our victory in this spiritual battle. All Satan wants to do is deceive you any which way you can to forget this simple and glorious fact of what we have in Christ.

So next time you are tempted to battle flesh and blood, remember what the true battle is–and that it’s already been won for you.

Praise Him!!


Gun Control: A Material Solution to a Spiritual Problem

Late afternoon yesterday, the headlines started popping up on the plethora of by-the-minute news feeds I frequent as a social media user and freelance writer. Another school shooting. 17 dead this time.

Somehow, I felt a little numb to it. Normally, I’d be inspecting the news stories and scoffing at ridiculous statements made by gun-grabbers dancing on the still-warm bodies of the deceased. But this time…I felt different.

The news media and the ever-increasing court of public opinion will be deliberating on this event until another explosive story comes along, then our attention will be diverted and we’ll be back to debating over something else.

All the while, those who lost loved ones or who lay injured in hospital beds or who will remain forever scarred and traumatized by this event will continue to live their permanently changed lives.

The Futility of Gun Control 

When events like this happen, those with materialist, humanist worldviews like to try to find something concrete they can identify so as to prevent something this tragic from happening again: warning signs, gun law loopholes, types of weapons used, etc.

Pro-gun rights activists like myself are not immune to this worldview either, we usually respond with (in my humble opinion) solid arguments against gun control, reminding the ill-informed gun control fanatics that gun-free zones do nothing to deter crime and that murder is already illegal.

We respond like this because the tragedy is so horrific we have a natural instinct to find some kind of solution that is within our control. As usual, we humans are always trying to find something to control.

I stand by the arguments of pro-2A gun-rights advocates and am absolutely in favor of arming teachers and law-abiding civilians, as well as calling out two-faced Democrat politicians who call for gun control and refuse to enforce illegal firearm use by prohibited possessors.

But at the end of the day, we need to remember that one of the central arguments in favor of maintaining our nation’s great heritage of God-ordained Second Amendment liberties is also a theological argument:

People will kill no matter what. 

A Sin Problem

The first murder happened with a rock. Countries with hardly any gun rights still experience violence. There was mass violence the world over long before gunpowder was invented (right here on our own soil, the gruesome warfare and brutality of certain Native American tribes, committed pre-firestick, is often glossed over by revisionist historical views). Violence and murder come from the heart, not from firearms, swords, knives, or rocks.

This is because we live in a fallen world. One of the foundational tenets of the Christian worldview that many atheists seem to be completely ignorant of is that sin and death are a result of the fall of humanity, which happened in the Garden of Eden. God doesn’t “let bad things happen”, they happen because Adam brought sin into the world by heeding his wife’s suggestion that he do the one thing God told him not to do.

In this same vein, secularists often criticize the “thoughts and prayers” of Christian politicians, believing falsely that these thoughts and prayers are given in some sort of materialist attempt to reverse or “fix” the tragedy of gun violence. This is an understandable fallacy from someone with no spiritual life of their own.

The Only Solution 

Look, I am a mother, a gun owner, a citizen of this great nation, and, to a certain extent, a pragmatist. I have high expectations for the law and order of our nation and I support enforcing strong borders, sensible gun laws, and protecting the rights of our citizenry to defend ourselves and our families.

However, as a Christian and someone who has given my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I look to His return, and His return only to permanently solve the massive problem that humanity faces.

There is nothing in this life that any one of us can do to permanently banish sin and death from this world other than give our lives to the Lord and wait for His return.

This is what it means to have faith in Him and His promises. We trust in the perfection that will be established when we at long last dwell with Him in His Kingdom, which is already being established in His Body on earth. This also means trusting in His promises that vengeance will be His, and trusting that no matter how people are punished for their crimes in their temporal lives, true Justice will come one day.

We are also called to shine His Light into the world and inform anyone we can of these promises. So while you’re forming your opinions in the wake of this tragic shooting, remember that there are people who are in desperate need of the Gospel who are still living and breathing, all over the world, right in your community and maybe even your own house.

This is faith. Much of the world doesn’t understand this, but that’s OK, Jesus told us it would be that way, in the Word of God, the same Word of God that reassures us why sin and death happen in this world and what the solution will be.

The only solution is Christ, so at the end of the day, the only answer on the lips of Christians in the wake of mass death should be Christ. Is that the solution on your lips today?


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