I am a wife, mother, homemaker, truther, follower of Christ and student of the scripture. As a kid raised in a secular household, I was passionate about the rights of the needy and exposing the corruption of those in power. Nothing has changed. Christ brought a message of love and salvation to the world and the world has mostly turned away, despite the appearance of things. I still seek to expose the deception that institutionalized and commercialized Christianity operates under, as well as the greater deception of the secular world and the indoctrination of the global elite. I hope to lend a mother’s voice to the Christian truther community, and educate and unite women raised in the age of feminism that was designed to undermine their womanhood.

I am by no means a scholar so any and all feedback is welcome, especially if you notice a misuse or an ignorance of the scripture on my part. Thank you and peace to you!


Here is a little bit more about my beliefs and the views I present on these pages:

Statement of Faith

I believe in the God of the Bible and that the Holy Scripture was inspired and is literal and infallible. I believe we are saved by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of the world and rose again on the Third Day. I believe that we are in a fallen state and can only be in communion with God through Christ. Other than that, I try not to marry myself to any one doctrine and I consider someone a sister or brother if they believe this message of Salvation and have fruits of the Spirit. I do believe that we work by faith, not for our Salvation but as a demonstration of it, but I also know that we are in constant war with the flesh and that I, and anyone else, will stumble. It’s all about faith in the end.

Statement of Womanhood and Gender Roles

I believe that Biblical gender roles are spiritually beneficial for both individuals and families, and that the concept of marital submission is an extension of the humility and selfless love that all Christians are instructed to practice for the sake of our Lord. I believe that the man is the head of the woman, but that being created specifically for men is a great honor and that the entirety of human existence, civilization and the great spiritual drama in which we are engaged hinges on this relationship.

I am perfectly aware that the word “feminist” simply means one who believes that men and women should have equal rights and privileges, and I believe they should. You can call me a feminist, it doesn’t negate my arguments against contemporary feminism. I will still believe in Biblical gender roles, because, if you actually think about it, there is nothing about Biblical gender roles that makes a woman of any less value than a man. When I refer to “feminism” I am speaking of the contemporary social Marxist manifestation of feminist philosophy that goes far beyond simply believing men and women should have equal rights and privileges.

Statement on Eschatology and End Times Beliefs:

Christians like myself who focus on the end times are often considered negative or to be engaged in fear-mongering. And I will admit I used to spend my life fearing the End. But, in reality, if you truly look forward to the return of Christ and the Kingdom, than focusing on the fact that we are in the end times is very joyous, and it is for me. And the Scripture says the End began with John the Baptist. Jesus gave many warnings about endurance in the End. I believe the End will be literal, but that it is also a perpetual state of spiritual preparedness for the Christian. We must always be ready to see our entire reality destroyed and trust that it is for the establishment of the Kingdom. Whenever that will happen literally, it is a spiritual process we must go through: being willing to lay everything on the line for Christ.

Statement on Health: 

I am anti-vaccine, anti-medicalized birth, anti-Western Medicine, anti-Medical Industry. I rarely trust anything coming out of the mainstream medical establishment and I believe that many of the initiatives and practices globally are forms of eugenics. That being said, I do not shun anyone just because they use modern medicine. The most important thing one needs to understand about my views on the medical industry is that any parent who is doing the most they can to protect their child’s health is still a good parent, even if they are listening to people I do not trust. I encourage anyone and everyone to do their research, seek the Lord’s will, and protect their kids at all costs.



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  1. You read one of my post today, welcome. I love your site. I love to read, so I have some catching up to do here. I search for the truth and write about it, what I can confirm and sometimes what I believe to be the truth. I am opinionated. I have been known to stir the pot, get a conversation going. I hope to share with you. I really do like your site, I love reading about Christ. Keep me busy! 🙂

  2. I just found your website. I love what you’re all about. I’m going to start homeschooling and I’m at a loss on where to start with my family’s way of beliefs. We seem to be on the same page. Any suggestions or websites would be so helpful. Thanks!


    1. Hey Monica! Sorry, I just saw this comment! It can be very overwhelming starting out with homeschooling, yes. I would highly recommend taking some time just to get a broad overview of the kind of curriculum out there and how other families homeschool, as well as your child’s capacity for lessons (greatly dependent on age.) I use a mix of Simply Charlotte Mason and have referenced Ambleside Online just for an idea of how to put together a full first grade, and I use Miquon math, a math drills book, the Good and the Beautiful, and Charlotte Mason’s grammar lessons for language arts. That’s just what works for us! I spent about two years poking around the Christian homeschool space online and experimenting with morning time and lessons for my kids before I figured out what worked/they were old enough for structured lessons. If you have little ones, start slow! Routine and rhythm with little thins, like Bible reading and simple story time, can work wonders to help you get a feel for what works for your family. Box curriculum can really take away the stress of figuring out what works best, but remember, you can also use different curriculum for different topics, and that because your kids don’t have to be cooped up at school 8 hrs a day, it’s OK to do very short lessons! When we started school took about 30 min a day, now with basically two first graders, we spend about two hours schooling, spread throughout the day and a great bulk of reading and recitation happening during meal times.

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