Taking This Blog Seriously This Time

I have been writing this blog, End Times Mama, for close to four years now, and to say I’ve written sporadically would be a gross understatement.

The truth is while I have absolutely loved blogging and poured a lot of work and passion into it periodically, life and reality often got in the way and I have failed constantly to make blogging and tending to this aspiring ministry a sustainable habit.

However, despite all the obvious signs that it simply wasn’t working for me to blog/put out content on the internet, I have learned a lot about discipline, consistency, and building good habits this year and am at long last turning my attention back to this blog with a goal and a plan to make it work for the long run.

If it doesn’t, then hey, I tried, and that’s worth a lot more to me than wondering what could have happened if I’d ever worked harder at this blog.

You might notice the weird “endtimesmama.blog” address is a new thing, and that is because I couldn’t afford hosting and have to figure out what’s going on with the original endtimesmama.com URL since I am trying to switch back to self-hosted. This kind of stuff always gives me a headache, but writing doesn’t, so I figured I’d throw up a post first and take it from there.

You may notice the previous posts on my site are from years ago, that is because of this confusing hosting mix-up so I will have to figure out whether or not I want to upload old articles.

So, first goal for my new blogging plan as I sort out the other hairy details: start blogging every day.

I have so many topics I want to write about and cover between this blog, my podcast (hahahahahaha no really I do have a podcast I’ve just posted two episodes in three years), and my YouTube channel. This often actually overwhelms me to where I feel like I simply don’t have time to do any of it and so I get distracted by one of the more immediate needs in my life (of which there are many).

However, it has occurred to me recently that if I simply try to tackle something every day, it will give me more than enough to do. After working in and around blog and internet marketing over the last few years if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that content is king. And if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s blabbing about stuff I’m interested in, so even if I squeak out a little bit of content every day, that will put me in a much better position than actually thinking about it all the time.

Anyway, enough of my blabbing and if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading my self-accountability post for my new personal blog challenge! LOL. Prayers are appreciated of course, that God could use my passion for blabbing about things I’m interested in to turn people towards Him and encourage end times mamas everywhere.

God bless and Christ be with you! ❤



3 thoughts on “Taking This Blog Seriously This Time

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    1. That’s great! Yes God has been urging me not to let go of my passion for blogging and I am (an answered prayer) finding the time and motivation to fit it into my life. Let’s pray for each other that we can bring glory to Him through our blogging 🙂

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