There are a number of ways you can support this ministry and I greatly appreciate any way in which you’d like to help me continue to run it as well as get the word out about what I’m trying to do here!


Prayer is the #1 thing I need. Please pray that God will use this page for His glory and to encourage and edify the body, especially mothers and women in the end times. I also could use prayers for staying organized so I can keep up this blog in balance with my other duties as wife, mother and employee (I am a work-at-home mother).


This probably goes without saying, but as with anything on the internet, one of the best ways to help me out is to share my content with others! So please don’t forget to share new posts or podcasts on your favorite social media channel, and also follow me on social media. You can find all my links at the top and side bars of the page.


I never thought I would monetize what I’m doing here but I have realized that there are operating costs for a website, and that in order to keep it going it would greatly help to take donations. My husband and I are working-class, quasi-homesteading, homeschooling parents of two small children living in a one-bedroom rented house that is falling apart. So every moment of our time is a valuable resource to us. I do work part-time at home but I would much rather be writing and producing multi-media full-time…so I do have a goal of monetizing this site more, mostly through affiliate marketing and handmade or personally designed merchandise. This will not be to profit off my ministry but rather to enable me to be in ministry as my primary vocation. At this point this is probably a total pipe dream, of course, but I am firmly dedicated to the site whatever my situation and will continue to write and make multimedia (videos are next, I promise!). My one financial goal at the moment is to buy a better camera so I can do more DIY/food/off-grid/prep type posts. Given my passion for food, DIY and my experiences living off-grid it seems like a crime to not post more about these important topics!


I am an Amazon affiliate. I have yet to make any money via this route but it was an excellent option for me as I do reference a lot of books or household items that I buy in real life and would recommend anyway so it’s really easy for me to put the links in my articles. Trust me, I highly and genuinely recommend anything that I link to and in most cases own it in real life. I am actually a total Amazon addict. I also have advertisements for Amazon on my site, I can’t always control what appears in the ads but if you do click one of these ads or links and end up buying something through the site, I will get a kickback so it’s an easy way to support End Times Mama without spending a dime.

Financial Support

And finally, I have opened up donations for End Times Mama via PayPal. You can click here to donate:

Right now I am offering a free End Times Mama Ephesians 5:11 bumper sticker with donations of $10 or more.


I would like to manufacture and sell stickers at some point so this is a bit of a test run. Please include your address when you make a donation if you would like one sent to you or feel free to contact me if there are any issues (just figuring all this out, sorry!) or if you’d like to simply purchase one rather than donate.


In whatever way you want to support End Times Mama or even if all you do is read my blog posts, I want to thank you for being a part of this growing ministry. It has been a huge labor of love and great passion of mine creating and growing this blog and God has used it in more ways than I thought possible. Thank you so much for reading and following and always encouraging me! God bless you!



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