Dear Angry Protesters: You’re Doing It Wrong

Sigh. I think we’re all getting totally sick of these angry, violent, and seemingly pretty misguided angry protesters. It seems like every time a conservative publicly expresses an opinion or Donald Trump sneezes, there’s a protest. And these protests usually involve blocking traffic, destruction of private property, and lots and …

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The Painful Irony of the Women’s March (Video)

In this video, I would like to demonstrate using pictures of the women’s march from around the world, that this was not an event that represented all women. It was a march for women of a certain ideology, and excluded women with differing views, and was conspicuously silent about the real crimes against women happening in the Muslim world.

End Times Mama on YouTube

Well, this morning I woke up with a lot of work to do and so naturally, I decided to spontaneously record a video to premier on my YouTube channel. (Seriously, sometimes I have the most creativity when I’m procrastinating). I have been meaning to get in to YouTube for some …

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The Importance of Being The Church (Guest Post)

Hey everyone! I am very honored today to share this post written by Pastor Mike Spalding of Soaring Eagle Radio. I have greatly enjoyed this podcasts, as he explores all the best “fringe” topics from a consistently, solid, Christ-centered Biblical worldview. Earlier this year, he and my dear friend Natalina …

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