End Times Mama on Omega Frequency

I was recently very honored to be a guest on the wonderful podcast for the end times ministry, The Omega Frequency, not once, but twice these past few weeks. We had two really great conversations so I wanted to make sure to link back to them on this site. BDK …

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Home Is Where Our Hearts Should Be

A few weeks ago I wrote about six toxic mistakes I had been making on Facebook, and many women told me how much they could relate to the unhealthy relationship with Facebook that I described. The principal error I had mentioned was simply that I had been wasting too much time on …

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The Child I Didn’t Plan For


When I hold the child I didn’t plan for, my heart is so flooded with all the joy he has brought me. I sit in awe of how perfect his whole little body is, having grown from two single cells into this extraordinary little creature I am blessed to call …

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Responsible Gun Ownership and Toddlers


There is a story trending this morning from the Washington Post “Wonkblog” by a man named Christopher Ingraham on how people are getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis in the US. Go ahead and read the article linked there, and you will see why I felt compelled to address it. …

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Proverbs 10:19 and Marriage


I’m not really going to say much about this verse and marriage-I’m sure those who need it know it’s true. Especially for 1 Peter 3:1 wives-these verses contain such practical advice for avoiding conflict and showing respect to anyone, really, especially our husbands. How many times have you wished you …

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