How Housework Led Me to Christ

Before I had kids, before I got married, even before I got saved, I decided that I wanted to be a housewife. I grew up thinking that women stayed at home because they had no career ambition and no intellect, and I couldn’t believe that anyone would actually want to stay at home …

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The Painful Irony of the Women’s March (Video)

In this video, I would like to demonstrate using pictures of the women’s march from around the world, that this was not an event that represented all women. It was a march for women of a certain ideology, and excluded women with differing views, and was conspicuously silent about the real crimes against women happening in the Muslim world.

On International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, which is of course a construct of the modern UN gender equality (i.e. gender neutralization) agenda. As much as I have to say about all of that, I don’t actually want to rant about it today. Because honestly, and I probably join many rabid feminists …

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Hateful, Bigoted, Intolerant Liberals


I would like to speak out a bit about my first-hand experience with the intense intolerance and bigotry that are found within the socially liberal, cultural Marxist community. This is by no means a claim about all people within these communities, I definitely have friends and family members who disagree with my views …

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Home Is Where Our Hearts Should Be

A few weeks ago I wrote about six toxic mistakes I had been making on Facebook, and many women told me how much they could relate to the unhealthy relationship with Facebook that I described. The principal error I had mentioned was simply that I had been wasting too much time on …

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