Practical Lessons From Living Off-Grid

practical lessons from living off-grid

For three years, I lived off-the-grid. By that I mean without either running water or electricity or both, and without a phone, cell service or internet. And yes, it was amazing. To clarify, I am using the term “off-grid” loosely, and the definition for the way I was living is …

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How to Politely Speak the Truth

The Christian way of loving one another is very clear in the Bible. What is not so clear is how to be loving while still preaching the Gospel and exposing the truth.  The things I desperately cry out to my loved ones to listen to are not often met with …

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Why ‘End Times Mama’?

I wanted to take a little bit of time to explain why I started this blog. The little niche world of the “fringe Christian” that I consider myself to be a part of is full of men. And that’s just fine, men are great, and I’m pretty into Biblical gender roles …

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‘Contagion’ and Social Programming

If you’re like me, throughout this whole ebola crisis media hype, your mind keeps going back to the movie Contagion. And really, it’s not that silly to do so given Hollywood’s tendency towards “prophetic” movie plots and symbolism (if you’ve never watched Metropolis, do. The blatant transhumanist theme will blow your mind). Contagion was an enjoyable viewing experience until …

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Ebola Fear and the “New Normal”


We might all get sick and die of ebola before we get to see any of the prophesy unfold that we’re all so eager to interpret. We might all get thrown into prison for refusing the vaccine. The NWO’s iron fist could come crashing down any day, maybe even as a response to this outbreak. Or the few cases in the US will be contained and people will move on to the next thing to fear, while the epidemic rages on in Africa, moving further and further down in the headlines as Americans get back to their comfortable lives. Whatever happens, bear this in mind always:

“Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10:28 KJV)

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A Call to Prayer for Burning Man


It’s that time of year again. Burning Man is happening right now in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. You either love the notorious “art festival” (and don’t ever shut up about it), or you hate it. And, if you’re reading my blog, there’s a good likelihood that you don’t need to be told …

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Facebook Fellowship


After years of struggling against admitting how useful Facebook is to me, and how much I secretly totally loved it, I have given in. Yes, Facebook is probably an important facet of the Big Brother control that is tightening around us. Nonetheless, I have found in the now-ubiquitous modern method of …

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