The Coming Storm: Spiritual Endurance


A few years ago, when I got started blogging, I wrote a piece about preparing for a hurricane that was coming our way on Maui, and how important spiritual preparedness is, in addition to physical preparedness. But spiritual preparedness isn’t as important as growing in our faith, and developing spiritual endurance. The …

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Prayer for End Times Mothers: July

Hey sisters and brothers, I have not been posting anywhere near as much as I’d like! I have been working full-time and still settling into our new home and routine. I assure you I will be back to my regular posting rhythm very soon, and would appreciate prayers for this …

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Fourth of July Rant: The NWO is Anti-American

Some incoherent rambling thoughts in response to cynical 4th of July posts that I probably would have been writing myself last year: Look, American business and military interest have massively screwed up the globe in many ways. But at the same time, hatred for America and a rejection of patriotism …

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