News Update: Airstrikes in Syria 4-7-17

There has been a lot of chatter and borderline hysteria over the recent airstrikes in Syria, and I wanted to break down everything we know so far, what might be going on under the surface, and what this means for your faith. You’ll hear accusations of false flags, which do …

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End Times Mama Podcast 01: Testimony

For the first episode of the End Times Mama Podcast, I will be sharing my plans to use the podcast as a medium to discuss issues very close to my heart, particularly cultural Marxism, feminism and the destruction of the family unit. I also discuss a bit about how and why I started my blog and ministry.

The majority of this episode, however, will be the testimony of an end times mama, and how a regular old San Francisco hippie-raised, theosophist-educated, armchair socialist revolutionary ended up living in the country in Hawaii pregnant, barefoot, singing Jesus’ praise, deleting all her Led Zeppelin and learning about creation science.

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