Truthers: You Are Not Immune to Deception

You’ve seen it said time and time again, as evidence for a multitude of theories, large and small: “Jesus warned us against deception”. And oh, did He ever. Yet for some reason, in this day and age, Christian truthers across the world seem to fancy themselves immune to deception simply …

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The Painful Irony of the Women’s March (Video)

In this video, I would like to demonstrate using pictures of the women’s march from around the world, that this was not an event that represented all women. It was a march for women of a certain ideology, and excluded women with differing views, and was conspicuously silent about the real crimes against women happening in the Muslim world.

Prayer for End Times Mothers: July

Hey sisters and brothers, I have not been posting anywhere near as much as I’d like! I have been working full-time and still settling into our new home and routine. I assure you I will be back to my regular posting rhythm very soon, and would appreciate prayers for this …

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Fourth of July Rant: The NWO is Anti-American

Some incoherent rambling thoughts in response to cynical 4th of July posts that I probably would have been writing myself last year: Look, American business and military interest have massively screwed up the globe in many ways. But at the same time, hatred for America and a rejection of patriotism …

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On International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, which is of course a construct of the modern UN gender equality (i.e. gender neutralization) agenda. As much as I have to say about all of that, I don’t actually want to rant about it today. Because honestly, and I probably join many rabid feminists …

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