Why We Must Not Forget Charlie Gard

I cannot imagine losing a child. The thought just guts me. I can also not imagine what it is like to have international media attention in the midst of having to face your 12-month-old baby’s demise. These were my constant thoughts through the drama of the Charlie Gard case. And now that he has passed on, my heart aches for his parents. As the media moves on to newer and shinier things, they will continue to grieve, most likely for the rest of their lives.

I fought back tears nearly every time I heard, watched, or read anything about the heartbreaking case of the ailing baby and his parents battle with the National Health Service.

Born one year ago today, on August 4th, 2016, Charlie Gard was diagnosed with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, a rare genetic disease with very low odds of survival past infancy. He spent most of his life in the hospital, and over the last few months, his parents fought tirelessly to raise funds for him to travel to the United States for experimental treatment, but the National Health Services refused to let him go. By the time a judge finally ruled to allow the American doctor who would perform the experimental procedure to examine him, it was too late.

He passed away in hospice care on July 28th, just shy of his first birthday.

In the midst of our own national battle over health care here in the United States, the case of this poor child and his parents became quickly politicized by both the left and the right. I feel strongly that it is a chilling example of both the dangers of national health care and humanism.

The idea that it was more compassionate to let this baby die in comfort than subject him to the discomfort of an experimental treatment that would give him a chance to live is a frightening indicator of the value of life in this modern world.

Of course, I stand firm by the pro-life notion that any chance the child had to live should have been taken, most especially if that is what the parents wanted.

It might seem in poor taste to politicize such a tragic case. At the end of the day, what was at the center of this sad story were parents who were simply desperate to keep their child alive. And now that he has passed away, he might remain a small anecdote in a continuing national and international conversation about life vs. “compassion”, but the headlines have already moved on.

As he fades from our memories and the next trending topics flow in and out of our news feeds, his parents will continue to mourn.

We as parents are designed by God to defend our children’s lives to the ends of the earth, even at any risk to our own wellbeing. It’s a clever design by our Creator, to keep our very vulnerable and fragile young alive in the many years it takes them to mature. Charlie Gard’s parents, however, were not allowed that option or choice, and they had to fight that battle in a pointless bureaucracy until it was too late for them to save their little boy.

I hope they do have the comfort knowing they did what they could with what was available to them, but I honestly can’t even imagine their pain right now.

And to be perfectly honest, when I think about this, I realize why the issues surrounding this case are so important. We shouldn’t forget Charlie Gard or the implications of what happened to them. This is why we need to pay attention to what is going on in our own country and fight against the forces that want to create systems that would restrict our rights to decide what happens to our own children in the health care system.

There might be a day when earthly government systems might get in the way of our ability to protect our own children, and if we can do anything right now to prevent that from happening, that is how we must fight for our children now.

I know a lot of people don’t pay much attention to politics and that’s just fine. But just remember that those of us who do pay attention and do care, do so because we are trying to preserve the unique freedom that we enjoy here in the United States, a freedom that very evil people have been trying to undermine for many years. This is the globalist, socialist, technocratic, leftist, and yes, ultimately, Satanic agenda. 

Of course, ultimately, the fate of our children is in God’s hands, and I do trust that Charlie Gard is with his Creator now. However, should anyone ever threaten my ability to make the kind of decisions that his parents should have been able to make, I will certainly be fighting as hard as, if not harder than, they did.

Please join me in praying for the Gards during this painful time.

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  2. First, Happy Birthday Charlie Gard!
    I agree so very much. Satan is still very much at work in the hearts and minds of the liberals who have devised a system of totalitarian dictatorship over the lives and souls of mankind. They hate God and seek to usurp His authority. Satan’s plan hasn’t changed from when he said, “you will be like God”, and sinful man has tried to devise a way to do so.
    To better understand the overarching progressive-liberal plan of cultural and political domination, read this article:

    • friscogirlinhana@gmail.com

      Agree 100%! I see things the same way. Very interested to read this article, thank you, and thanks for sharing your thoughts as well!

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