10 Hacks for a Healthy Lifestyle (Video)

Hey everyone!

I am back at the YouTube game with a video on healthy living. I was really excited to do this collab with my friend Lilian, whose channel The Postmodern Family is really awesome. She is definitely a woman after my own heart, a crunchy Christian mama who loves the Lord and traditional values as much as I do! It’s been a blast watching her vlogs and getting to see what life is like for her and her husband, who are American expats living in the UK.

In fact, if you are a fan of my blog, you will love her latest video, Homemaking Skills: The Makings of a Resourceful Wife.

At any rate, she was very patient with me as I worked on (read: had to keep on the back burner as a slew of family members came to visit and I figured out the best ways to film and edit my videos) this collab, on 10 Hacks for a Healthy Lifestyle. She posted her video over a month ago by now, but I, drumroll please, just managed to post mine today!

So here it is, in all its glory:

I am planning on doing (fingers crossed) weekly YouTube videos from now on, so please comment, like, subscribe, all that good stuff if you enjoy this and would like to see more!

Thanks so much and I promise, you will be hearing a lot more from me in the coming weeks and months as operation Make End Times Mama Great Again revs up!

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