Sweating for the End: Are You Ready for WWIII?



With the recent US military actions in Syria, you might be wondering if we’re about to enter World War III, and it’s not an irrational fear. It’s impossible to tell what might become of the situation between the United States, Russia, and Syria. It’s not a guaranteed entrance into WWIII, but it’s still quite troubling. You can hear more of my thoughts on this in my latest video, The Truth About Syria: News Update.

Whatever the case, I will always advocate for preparedness–now more than ever. You should have water stored up, a pantry and garage stocked with non-perishables, medical supplies, etc. Take preparedness seriously. It is a must for any individual and family in this day and age.

You might be well ahead of me in this category, I realize, but are you taking care of the most important survival tool you have?

If you’ve followed me here for any amount of time, you know I’m a big fan of natural health. Still, no matter how much organic food you eat or coconut oil you consume or bentonite clay detoxes you do, nothing is going to equip you for survival like preparing your body.

Your body is the numero uno survival tool you have, and physical exercise is essential for any preparedness effort. So, today, I’d like to firmly admonish every woman and mother to start taking fitness seriously ASAP .

I’m not a dietician, and I won’t even begin to get into the complex topic of diet and weight loss. However, whether you are overweight or not, there’s always something you can do to get more fit than you are right now. If WWIII truly is right around the corner, there’s never been a better time.

Frugal Fitness Essentials

I’ve already written articles on why we need to exercise now to endure later and how to get started with a fitness routine, so check those out for more detailed admonishment and advice.

But if you do anything, there are two key essentials I believe that everyone should try to fit into their daily routine–and you won’t need any fancy equipment!

I know the struggle stay-at-home moms face with trying to work fitness into an already very heavy load, believe me. It’s a daily challenge for me as well. I also know the restrictions having a very tight budget seem to place on fitness, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The two most important kinds of workouts are completely free. Here’s what they are:


There’s a reason our military has its soldiers run every single day. Nothing will keep you healthier, and it’s completely free to throw on a pair of running shoes and jog down your street. You can absolutely start small; do whatever you can manage in the beginning.

There are a lot of resources out there for graduated running programs that help you work your way up. At this point, if you’re not running, anything you can do to start doing it more regularly will burn calories and build stamina. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a dime, only a little bit of time in your day. Obviously, running shoes and comfortable clothing will help, but use what you have.

Running builds endurance and stamina, burns calories, and builds confidence. Also–though this isn’t true for everyone–I find it incredibly enjoyable, rewarding, and spiritually edifying. I throw on some praise music and push myself, talk to God, and focus on the incredibly important task at hand: training my body to endure the days to come. I’ve spiritually grown so much by making this otherwise lazy body get out there and just run, and I always feel amazing when I’m done!

Weight training

Sit-ups, crunches, planks, squats, lunges, dips, and pull-ups are all examples of bodyweight exercises that are staples of the fitness world, even among those with regular access to fancy machines and weight sets. In the military, sit-ups and pull-ups are used as determinants of overall physical fitness.

You don’t even need actual weights to train your body with resistance; you can use your own bodyweight.

Last night, I couldn’t make it to the gym without having to stay up late, so my husband trained me at home. I did push-ups for the first time in a while, and it really amazed me how much work I can get out of an exercise that uses nothing but the weight of my own body.

If you wish, you can spring for a few resistance bands and find even more ways to use the weight of your body to tone, condition, and build muscle. You can work out on playground equipment, lift cans of soup or bottles of water, do dips on a chair, and more. Where there’s a will–and a little creativity–there’s always a way!


In this day and age, with the availability of resources like YouTube and Pinterest, you really have no excuse not to get in better shape now–other than a serious health condition that would limit your ability to work out. If you take your family’s survival seriously, and if you understand the gravity of what it might mean in a massive global catastrophe, world war, global disease pandemic, or economic collapse, you need to start taking your fitness and your health seriously now.

I say this to you because I say it to myself all the time. Even though I do workout regularly, I have weeks where I slack off and need to get back in my overall fitness plan, and I’m still trying to motivate myself to build strength and endurance. So if you just keep meaning to but never seem to find the time or motivation, believe me, I understand, and that’s why I’m saying this now.

You will thank yourself once you establish the habit in your life, and it does get easier over time. You’ll even get to a place where you crave your next workout and it feels good! You don’t have to be a Crossfit champion or get down to 15% bodyfat, you just need to start where you’re comfortable and push yourself. Trust me, you can always do more than you think you can. I never thought I’d be doing the different things I’m doing now at the gym, and I know I can still do more.

I understand how scary these times can be, but fitness is not only a great way to get yourself ready, it will make you feel more empowered. Ultimately, we have no control over what is coming our way, but physical discipline lends itself very well to spiritual discipline too. When you can see the small changes in yourself that self-control can make, you’ll better understand just how powerful our God is, and you’ll see His hand in the creation of your body as well. Make the most of the physical vessel He’s made for you, and get started with a fitness routine today!


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