End Times Mama Podcast 02: Mom Life, Fellowship, Politics, and the Fringe

It’s been a very, very long time since the first episode of the End Times Mama podcast, but I’m giving it a shot once again!

A lot has changed since I recorded my testimony and inaugural episode, I’ve moved from Hawaii to the Bible Belt, the country has been through the most divisive shift in politics and culture in recent memory, and I’ve got lots to say about both!

Please join me as I recap where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to, what it’s like to have found fellowship after all these years, how important community is for moms and parents, where I lie on the political spectrum and the plans I have for this ministry.

Your comments, shares, feedback, and prayers are invaluable to me so please do so as you feel led.

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  1. Hi Isa! So glad you recorded a new podcast. It’s great to hear your updates! I heard about you thru Canary Cry last year, checked out and enjoyed your first podcast. I’m also a Christian homeschooling prewrath mom interested in these “fringe” topics. Glad to find a kindred spirit, like – minded on so much of what I care about. Praying for your ministry! Thanks for what you do.

    • friscogirlinhana@gmail.com

      Thanks so much Jillian, it means the world to me that I’m reaching like-minded mamas! That’s exactly why I do this. Stay tuned, I’m actually uploading some homeschool printables and plan to put out a *lot* more content about homeschooling in the future. God bless and thanks again!

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