You Can Now Report “Fake News” Stories on Facebook

This shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone, but along with being able to report things on Facebook that you simply don’t like or disagree with, you can now officially report something as “fake news”.

I found this out the hard way after seeing a gruesome, violent video auto playing on my newsfeed today and, with the full awareness I was being a total mom, I went to report the post. I was presented with these options as to why I wanted to report the post:

That’s right, folks. Not only can you report items for “going against my views” (?!), you can report something for supposedly being fake news. And the definition of “fake news”? A hoax disproved by a reputable source.


Facebook Censorship

Now, let me be reasonable for a moment and state that Facebook is a private company and has the right to do this. I do certainly think Mark Zuckerberg is a totally biased person who’s policies for what he allows and what he censors on Facebook is totally hypocritical and ridiculous. Facebook also clearly does not abide by its own community guidelines and censors conservative or anti-vaccine sites while letting left-leaning sites that threaten others and advocate for violence fly. But it is Zuckerberg’s company and I defend his right to be a total biased hypocrite in the way he does business. (Even if he probably doesn’t even have the same regard for property rights that I do.)

That being said, Facebook is no small mom and pop operation, at risk of being shut down by massive, elite-funded groups who don’t like their views (you know, like all those florists, bakers, and wedding photographers out there who get punished for being Christian). Facebook is a huge global player in the way information, and particularly news stories, gets passed around. And in light of Zuckerberg’s clearly stated views and his involvement with the global elite, what the heck do you think Facebook would define as fake news? 

The Implications of Labeling Something “Fake News”

Let’s use for example Pizzagate. Now, if you have a timeline similar to mine, obviously not all stories about Pizzagate are being censored, and I’ll state for the record that all the evidence of Pizzagate is entirely circumstantial. I personally fully believe that the conclusions many have drawn from this circumstantial evidence are true, but I fully recognize that is simply my opinion. It’s not the smoking gun many make it out to be. That being said, under these guidelines of what constitutes “fake news”, the entire MSM community labeling Pizzagate “debunked” without so much of a shred of evidence as to how it was in fact debunked, you can report any of these stories as fake.

The entire concept of “fake news”, even in how President Trump is using it, holds a terrifying notion. My husband frequently says this idea that there’s “fake news” out there, that we need the Holy News Media to debunk, is an ideological establishment of the Ministry of Truth. This is a reference to the dystopian novel by George Orwell, 1984, in which a fictional Ministry of Truth literally shreds any news stories from the past that contradict the official narrative of the oppressive, Marxist regime depicted in the novel.

How Can We Tell What’s True?

Facebook is essentially becoming their own Ministry of Truth, and it’s no secret that they’re incapable of being truly objective. And what president will it set for them to pick and choose what is “truth” to the millions and millions of Facebook users who rely on the website to share and receive their information?

There’s a lot of truly fake news out there on the internet, for sure, and I have advocated for a long time for all truthers and awake people to carefully scrutinize all the information they receive. And really, at the end of the day, the amount of fake, sensationalistic, poorly-supported conspiracy theory out there really undermines the research and expose done by people who actually do find good sources and present compelling arguments. The thing is, a lot of the fake news is about real stuff. 

We need to be discerning more than ever, saints, and to guard ourselfs against deception from both the mainstream narrative and the alternative media. Just because Facebook or the MSM deem something “fake”, it definitely doesn’t mean it’s fake, but not everything labeled “fake news” is true, either.

This stands as a sobering reminder that we really can’t, at the end of the day, rely on the internet for Truth. The Word is ultimately the only Truth we can fully rely on, and we need to pour ourselves into Scripture more than we do into all the noise from social media and our news-obsessed culture. I’m a total news junkie so totally not judging or condemning anyone else, believe me. I just feel more and more drawn to the Word every day, and I’d like to encourage you to turn your eyes more and more on the only document of all time that we know is definitely  not fake, no matter what anyone else says.

Stay vigilant, stay awake, and keep your eyes on the skies!

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