Best Books to Refute Leftist Feminism (Infographic)

I am a big fan of refuting leftist feminism, and I do fancy myself relative well-equipped to argue against the mainstream claims and arguments of leftist feminism.

Before you flip out and think I’m completely anti-woman and all for rape culture and wife-beating, take a second to pay attention to what I’m saying here: leftist feminism. 

Third-wave feminism has completely twisted what the suffragettes were fighting for, women’s rights, and replaced it with their own Marxist, anti-woman, anti-family, anti-life version of “women’s rights”. Just see my video on the recent “Women’s” March to see a great example of leftist women claiming to represent all women while clearly pushing their own ideology.

As a conservative, pro-life, pro-traditional gender roles and family values woman, I’m so tired of seeing this bait-and-switch from women who claim to stand for all women but don’t even think females deserve the right to be born. And don’t even get me started on their hypocritical, disgusting defense of the greatest offender of women’s rights around the globe: Islam.

OK, so I could rant and make claims about third-wave leftist feminism all day, but do I have evidence to back up my theories about the real agenda behind the face of contemporary feminism?

Well, thanks to the authors of the works listed below, absolutely. These are all books I have read myself and recommend to everyone. They contain the real history behind the contemporary feminist movement, the skewed facts they rely on to push their agenda, they way they have influenced public policy and the role feminism has played in the devastating affect the destruction of the family unit has had on our society as a whole.

I’d definitely recommend checking a few of these out if you’d like to dig deeper into this topic and properly refute leftist feminism.

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