Dear Angry Protesters: You’re Doing It Wrong


I think we’re all getting totally sick of these angry, violent, and seemingly pretty misguided angry protesters. It seems like every time a conservative publicly expresses an opinion or Donald Trump sneezes, there’s a protest.

And these protests usually involve blocking traffic, destruction of private property, and lots and lots of anger.

Look, anger is good, when it’s righteous, and it can drive a lot of people to do a lot of good. Our country was founded by dudes who were angry about taxes.

Protest is also important, and it’s protected by our constitution. While I disagree with the majority of the things these violent, angry protesters support, at the end of the day, I actually believe they should be protesting. 

So the problem?

They’re not just protesting. They’re rioting. They’re blocking traffic. They’re burning cars, smashing windows, even assaulting people in some cases.

Crime is not protected by the Constitution, freedom of speech and the right to assembly are, and they should be. If these protesters feel passionately enough about these issues to get out there and protest, more power to them. I admire that, respect it, and completely hope their rights are protected and remain intact.

But each time they block traffic, destroy property, assault private citizens, and try to hide behind the First Amendment, they’re defeating their own cause. That’s not civil disobedience, that’s just destruction, and it’s not going to get them any respect or credit.

Hear my thoughts on angry protesters and why they’ve got it all wrong, and make sure to subscribe to the End Times Mama YouTube channel for more random rants.


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