End Times Discernment: It’s Not What You Think

End times discernment. Boy, do we need it more than ever. We are looking at a world in perilous times. A presidential election here in the US the likes of which no one has ever seen. Russia posturing for nuclear war. The Middle East and Europe ravaged with violence and the spread of Islam. The backbone and moral fabric of our society crumbling into nothing. The UN increasing their wide breath of power. Demonic ideology sweeping the globe and more and more people rejecting Christ every day.

What is End Times Discernment? 

For surviving the end times, there are some crucial tools you need to last as long as you can. I’m not talking about survival food or water. I’m not talking about medical supplies or fuel. I’m not talking about weapons or security. I’m also not talking about being able to recognize false teachings or satanic imagery. I’m not talking about identifying prophecy being fulfilled in current events, or even the ability to recognize the Antichrist when he is revealed. All these things are very important, and I don’t doubt that if you are a reader of this blog, they are on the forefront of your mind.

I’m talking about the most underrated spiritual skill there is. You often hear people in our circles discuss discernment, and that is what I would like to discuss. However, this is not discernment as in, you know what the Illuminati is and you can tell a false flag or social programming when you see it. The discernment you need in the end times is not the ability to question mainstream narratives, but to question even alternative narratives and be very careful about what you accept as fact. 

Sober-Mindedness for Truthers

We live in an era of massive freak outs. Everyone is offended, everyone is outraged, everyone can’t believe anyone who disagrees with them-even Christians and conservatives!  Unfortunately, many who are awake have a lot of trouble identifying nuance and instead focus on the outrageous, the sensational, the catch-word truther phrases that everyone recognizes without examining the facts and putting every new incident or event into the greater context of geopolitics and Biblical prophecy.

End times discernment is not merely the recognition of conspiracy, of nefarious forces controlling our world, but it is most importantly Biblical discernment, which comes along with one of the most underrated and important spiritual gifts: sober-mindedness. 1 Peter 5:8 (KJV) says:

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

The Bible is a complex book and what is happening in our world that may lead up to the fulfillment of eschatological events is incredibly intricate.  If you are not doing this with discernment, it can easily become a snare. Yes, Children of the Most High are given the spirit of discernment and can often clearly identify what is of Christ and what is not. But most of the time, that’s all we can really know for sure.

And as 1 Peter says above, Satan is constantly trying to deceive us, so we must remain sober, not just jumping on every hint of insight into the fulfillment of Bible prophecy or evidence of the evil in this world and accepting them as fact.

What a lot of truthers seem to not realize is that there is a massive amount of disinformation disguising itself as truth in our own circles. Nothing is anywhere near as simple as your truther friends on social media would often have you believe. The Gospel is simple, but this world is complicated and chaotic. And this is really, really important to understand:

You absolutely have to be alert to the possibility of information that confirms your worldview to still potentially be disinformation. Period. If it’s not right out of the pages of the Bible as far as people, places, things or events, be very careful before you claim that it is 100% true. 

Teaching Discernment to Our Children

Many of those in my online community and brothers and sisters who read this blog are homeschooling or plan on homeschooling their children. But even if you aren’t, it is the role of the Christian parent to train up and educate our children. For this reason, we need to get better at scrutinizing the information we receive instead of accepting it without question, because our children often accept everything we teach them without question. Discernment is our job as parents.

The facts and statistics and global trends that support what the Bible says will happen to this world are fascinating, but they are often misused and misconstrued. And I believe one of the biggest errors that truth-focused Christians make is an inability to question their own beliefs as far as who is in control, which member of the global elite is behind what. etc.

If I use information that I have not verified myself to illustrate this massive Luciferian conspiracy that is ravaging our globe, I might actually end up doing damage to my mission to share the gospel or even simply to wake others up to the reality of evil in this world.

One day, our little ones will start asking questions about why we believe what we believe, and they will also face opposition when they repeat what they hear at home out in the world. We need to teach them not just alternative viewpoints, but discernment, reason and how to make sober-minded, well-supported defenses of their worldviews. If the world has a better argument for deception than you do for truth, you are in danger of losing your child to a false teaching.

It’s Better to Be Unsure Than Deceived

I believe one of the biggest errors that truth-focused Christians make is an inability to question their own beliefs as far as who is in control, which member of the global elite is behind what. etc. Do you really understand the construction of global government, or do you just automatically believe literally everything happening on the world stage and that you read about in the news is entirely fake? This is a grave error. Every good lie contains a certain amount of truth, after all, and there is a big difference between recognizing that there are lies, biases, agendas and disinformation in the mainstream media and completely rejecting everything the MSM reports on as fake.

For example, rejecting the entire narrative of a supposed terrorist attack and assuming no one died because it might be a false flag is very dangerous. Such as thinking that because an event might have been a false flag that the threat of radical Islam is not real. The thing about social programming in the media and in the government narrative is that they actually play real events and real moral and political rivalries off of each other, and off of us.

You. Do. Not. Need. To. Have. Everything. Figured. Out. I simply cannot stress this enough. Stop accepting everything as fact if it coincides with your worldview, and start learning out discern when you are sure of something and when something simply seems reasonable to believe but you’re simply not sure.

Learn how to back up your facts. Don’t freak out if someone doubts them or asks you for a source. Be humble enough to admit when you might not be able to back something up. This doesn’t mean your whole worldview crashes and burns; disinformation often exists to undermine the integrity of something that genuinely is true.

The Only Truth That Matters 

Most of all, put your trust and faith in what you know is true: the Gospel of the One and Only True God. Our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, who died, was buried, and rose again on the third day. Whose death atones for the sins of humanity and whose Salvation is available to us not by any merit of our own but because of Grace. Who ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God. And who will come back to judge the world and establish His Kingdom.

Once you fix your eyes on Him, on this Blessed Hope, everything melts away. It doesn’t mean we can’t be interested in everything we’ve always been interested in before, I am personally still more interested in geopolitics, world events, and guarding my heart against deception than ever before. It just means that we place our trust where it ought to be. Not on our own understanding, but in the Lord.

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