Prayer for End Times Mothers: July

Hey sisters and brothers, I have not been posting anywhere near as much as I’d like! I have been working full-time and still settling into our new home and routine. I assure you I will be back to my regular posting rhythm very soon, and would appreciate prayers for this ministry.

Today, I wanted to offer a prayer for some very tumultuous times in our country and world. It’s been an emotional month for me, as I feel like places both very close to home and far away are devastated and torn apart, and I personally struggle between being the light and joining in on the debates surrounding these tragic events. So please join me in praying for mothers, families, and the Body as a whole. God bless you all. 

Dear Lord,

It seems the pangs of the earth’s travailing seem to come in waves, and this month has been quite painful. We’ve seen so much death, so much anger and tension and lines being drawn in the sand. In Europe and the Middle East, ISIS spreads like a disease, inflicting deception on the masses, as 85 people are plowed down with a truck, less than a year since the deadly attack in Paris.

In the US, fifty Americans were slaughtered in a single night in the name of Islam’s false god, and hundreds of years of racial tension are bursting in the streets in anger as a sensationalized media fans the flames of hatred and misunderstanding.

As American Christians, it is so hard not to get caught up in the politics, in the rhetoric, and I admit Lord I have, more than once. So often we lose sight of what really matters: that these are the awful pangs of a fallen world growing closer to its cleansing, and that the only way out of Your wrath, the only way into Your Kingdom, is through Christ. And you did not commission us to wage a war, but to spread Your Gospel.

As we teach our children vigilance Lord, don’t let us lose sight of this. As we make sure to contradict the ways of the world in their minds, don’t let us sink into the patterns of debate and disagreement.

We know that you command us to utterly destroy any argument that will set itself up against the knowledge of You Lord, but we also know we must not be conformed to the ways of the world, and that everything we do must be done in love. Don’t allow our hearts to be hardened to the people who convey deceptive messages, but keep us steadfast in the knowledge of You.

And most of all, as doom and gloom seem to be all around us, strengthen our hearts and keep our eyes fixed on You. We know You are the only solution to the political issues of the world, You have no party or nation or philosophy. All we need to rely upon is You and You alone, Your Living Word to guide us through this life.

As terror seems to be trickling into our lives here in the West, give us Your Spirit of power, love and sound mind, so that we may not be governed by fear but by the blessed hope of You and Your Son, and His coming.

We pray today Lord, for end times mothers, for the body of Christ, and most importantly, for the brothers and sisters who are genuinely suffering for Your name. Imprisoned, tortured, killed, all for Your Name. Please bless and strengthen the persecuted church. Their stories humble us and we ought not to forget them as we get caught up in local culture wars. Because whatever nation we are earthly citizens of, we are part of the Body of Christ. That is our family, our citizenship is of the Kingdom, and You are our King.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we pray.


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