Recommended Reading for Refuting Leftist Feminism

Maybe it’s in the air lately or maybe I’ve just been watching too much independent conservative media, but I feel like the SJW spirit has been screaming and waving its arms extra loud lately. From protests at Trump rallies to Milo lectures to sit-ins on the floor of congress, loud, pseudo-productive progressive views are constantly popping up on our newsfeeds. And at the heart of progressive politics, the issue with which I have the most bones to pick, is third-wave feminism. Feminism comes in many shapes and sizes with many different definitions of what feminism even is. I personally feel strongly that women deserve equal rights to men, especially in the countries in the Middle East feminists are notoriously silent on. I believe firmly in the standards of Biblical womanhood but I also believe those standards are consistent with a free society in which women can vote, earn an income, receive protection from the state and have the right to physically defend themselves.

I do not believe that patiarchy is always oppressive. I do not believe that the Bible is sexist. I do not believe that traditional gender roles ought to be challenged, and I do not believe that women and men are anything but distinctly different from one another. And most importantly, I do not believe that modern movements that brand themselves as feminist have done anything at all to actually help women, but rather, to hurt and alienate them more than ever before. And so I often say I am quite opposed to feminism.

So I wanted to offer a reading list for those who are interested in educating themselves on contemporary feminism and the statistics, logic and philosophy behind those who oppose it. These are the books I recommend constantly to friends and readers. They are almost all written by educated, powerful, opinionated, hard-working and amazingly successful women, one of whom even proudly identifies as a feminist herself. They represent the epitome of the feminist, and the American dream, free thinkers willing to challenge mainstream ideas and put them to the test, to blaze their own trails and stand up for the ultimate truth that no ideology can undermine: actual factual information. So, without further ado, here is my list of the best resources for understanding and refuting feminism:

Who Stole Feminism? How Women Have Betrayed Women by Christina Hoff Sommers

This is definitely where you want to start. Sommers is a brilliant and super informed writer, speaker and researcher, and this is definitely her definitive work. What I love about this book is that it’s tag line “how women have betrayed women”, which really captures not only her analysis of what exactly has gone wrong with feminism, but also what has happened to women in America as a result. Mainstream feminism has fundamentally changed society in so many ways, and yet somehow radical feminists are more upset than ever. Sommers addresses several mainstream myths about gender relations, such as the wage gap, rape and domestic abuse statistics, and also the way in which universities are shutting down critical analysis to appease loud feminists and how that is harming, rather than helping, relations between men and women. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand why, exactly, so many men and women feel so strongly that the claims of mainstream feminists need to be examined and refuted. You should also absolutely check out her regular videos for the American Enterprise Institute, The Factual Feminist. 


Feminist Fantasies by Phyliss Schlafly

Phyliss Schlafly is hated by feminists and liberals across the country. A staunch conservative and dedicated Republican, she has been fighting the legislative influence of radical feminists since long before I was born. This book is a manifesto of traditional and conservative family values, and breaks down everything wrong with the legal changes radical feminists have fought to make over the years. She herself is an admirable woman, having raised six children while obtaining two degrees and being a life-long conservative activist and grassroots organizer. This book is a timeless response to feminism and essential to understanding the fallacies of mainstream arguments and how to intelligently refute them.

The Flipside of Feminism by Suzanne Venker and Phyliss Schlafly

This is a more recent publication, and that is really where its value is. Vickers is the niece of Schlafly, and together they analyze the damage that liberal feminists have done to American society in the last few decades. It is an excellent argument for the importance of having a mother at home for their children, and makes a very good case against the pre-school programs that feminist fight so hard to establish and fund against the country. The statistics very sadly show that the best place for a small child is at home with their family and yet the myth continues that children need to be “socialized” from a young age. Paying special attention to the Obama administration and feminist legislature during his two terms, these women will provide you with some valuable statistics and viewpoints in favor of traditional family values and against the anti-family rhetoric of the feminist left.


Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

I absolutely loved this book and I’m sure I’ve referenced it before. It is not exclusively about feminism but as it addresses the nature, and danger of, leftism as a whole, I highly recommend it in general but also for understanding the way feminism operates. See, the ideals behind fascist Italy and Germany were also the ideals behind the early feminist movement and it is crucial to understand this shocking correlation. Second and third-wave feminism are distinctly socialistic in nature, and separating women from their families and children from their parents have always been crucial tools of totalitarian and fascist states. This book has a chapter that concentrates exclusively on feminism and the similarities between American feminism and fascist German feminism that will blow your mind.

Home Economics by Nick Schluz

Full disclosure that I am still reading this book, but the first few chapters are so fascinating that I just had to mention it. This is written by an economist who takes great pains to explain that he did not read this with the intention of asserting his opinion on the morality of the changes that have happened in the last 60 years in our country, but rather to discuss the ways in which the American economy has been effected by the breakdown of the traditional family unit. And let me just tell you, the American economy has been drastically effected by the breakdown of the family and particularly of marriage. This is by far the most technical book on this list and probably the most mind-blowing. There’s no arguing with statistics: people are not staying or even getting married anywhere near as much since the so-called Women’s Rights Movement, and this is clearly impacting the economy in a less-than-positive way.

The Clinton’s War on Women by Rodger Stone and Robert Morrow

This is mostly a thousands more reasons to despise the already despicable Clintons, but I put it on this list for one crucial reason: Hillary Clinton paints herself as a feminist hero while she has for years orchestrated smear and terror campaigns against the many women her husband has sexually assaulted and raped. It is absolutely astounding how many times Bill has been accused of groping, molesting and even violently raping women, and this book recounts these many allegations and the hell the Clintons put his accusers through when they tried to come forward. It absolutely disgusts me that they are considered feminists. I think the fact that they are a sexual criminal and his accomplice really underscores the fact that the majority of the time, feminism is being used by those in power not to help, but to manipulate women for their advantage. Don’t ever a let Clinton supporter tell you again that Hillary defends women-the only woman she cares about is herself and her insatiable appetite for power.

Hands Off My Gun by Dana Loesch

Another honorable mention, this book is definitely not about feminism but I consider it highly crucial for this study for one reason: the insanity behind the claims of “rape culture” juxtaposed with the left’s hatred of guns. Women across the country are being disarmed by rabid leftists who also turn around and recite inflated rape statistics at us while offering pathetic advice for self-defense apart from carrying a firearm. Loesch offers several real-life anecdotes in which women were able to protect themselves and their children using their Second Amendment rights and when it comes to answering feminism, it is incredibly important to understand our Second Amendment rights too. Feminism is supposedly all about equality and firearms are equalizers for women. I personally never want to hear another rape statistic again that is not accompanied by an intelligent argument in favor of concealed carry. Every woman should have this right to protect themselves and feminists should agree if they have fantasies of men and women ever being equal.


These are my favorite picks for educating oneself on feminism and the arguments against it, there are other authors I have yet to really delve into, such as Thomas Sowell and G.K. Chesterton. Also I don’t think it would be fair to leave out the brilliant and insanely provocative contemporary commentator I mentioned at the beginning, Milo Yiannopoulos, who’s lecture with Christina Hoff Sommers and Steven Crowder at UMass in March of this year was incredibly informative and quite eventful.

There are probably authors I haven’t even heard of so I’d love to hear of anyone you’ve read or listened to that you’d add to this list. If you have recommendations or have read any of these books, let me know in the comments below. And remember folks, facts are the enemy of leftism!

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