Moving Back to America: Learning to Love My Country


It’s been a long time since I posted on this page, and the primary reason is that in the last two months my husband and I decided to move from Hawaii back to the mainland.

It’s a long story, but in short, we picked a state, found a house, packed up, sold and got rid of all our stuff and flew to California. We spent ten days visiting our families and then drove across eight states to our new home in the South.

I had lived in Hawaii exactly seven years by the time we left. I moved there when I was 23 (yup, do the math, I’m 30 this year-phew!) and desperate to escape most everything I knew as life back then. The city, the rat race, modern life, impending doom and economic collapse. (You can read more about my journey to Hawaii and ultimately to Christ in my testimony on Radical Christian Woman.) Another long story short, it was there that I learned to live with very little,  met and married my husbandfound God through the beauty of His creation and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior.

My husband and I have been mostly content living in Hawaii, and there were many benefits: lots of free local fruit, year-round balmy weather and gardening, fresh air, being geographically isolated from the rest of the world. But at the same time, we never really sunk in. We never made too many friends and felt alienated among new age hippies and mainstream cultural Christians. We weren’t really…”Hawaii people”, to be honest, neither of us surfed, we stopped going to the beach once the radiated water from Fukushima was estimated to be hitting the archipelago, we weren’t super into Hawaiian culture in any way, shape or form. I grew to love Maui very much and it will always have a special place in my heart. But in many ways, my husband and I had yearned for something different for a long time, but we simply grew content with where God had us at the time.

For awhile, I tried to convince my husband to move to the mainland, but it was not practical at all at the time. We didn’t have the money for a move, he had a good job on the island and we had a good place to live. But once we found out our landlord was selling the property and we faced the dismal rental market of Maui once again, it was a final straw for us.

I love the way God works like that.

Within a month we were moving to the American South, where we are living now. It’s a place I’ve always fantasized about living. I feel like in the time I have been away from mainland America, I have grown to appreciate it so much more. I’ve always been pretty cynical about patriotism and of course don’t trust our government. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many things I truly love about my country.  

The United States is, in fact, an extraordinary country, despite of many very dark aspects of our history and current militaristic domination of the planet. We live in a country with a rich church and missionary history. In the American South in particular, the church tradition has mostly thrived among the poor, working class people who built our country and who’s traditions and pride has been passed down as the modern conservative movement.

I’ve gained a lot more respect for this traditional conservatism, that originally opposed things like slavery and segregation, that has always advocated for the government to simply adhere to our Constitution and let the states and individuals govern themselves. Our Founding Fathers were far from perfect and I believe it is a mistake to hold the Constitution with the same regard as the Holy Scriptures, but when our Republic was founded it was a very unique and exceptional nation, and I do appreciate why people simply wish to maintain that. I think our country is far from being restored to any “greatness”, and I really, really don’t think Christians should concern themselves with that kind of idealism, however:

I never thought I’d say it, but I am actually proud to be American. And I’m excited to be living in a place where people still value things like small government, the right to bear arms, teaching hard work and perseverance to children, and minding one’s own business. I’ve gotten so burned out on cultural Marxism and the guilt-trip rhetoric of those completely blind to their own state worship and desire for totalitarianism, so, however imperfect “Middle America” may be in many ways, it is still a breath of fresh air to be here. 

I can tell this place is not what it used to be, and even when the culture was more Christian I am sure that many people were still missing the mark (and just going through the motions, as this brilliant satire piece illustrates). I know we will probably still have a hard time finding a church in our new home, despite there being hundreds around us, and I still firmly believe that American traditionalist values are not synonymous with Christian Truth. 

But I am grateful for this country, and as a parent I appreciate that there are still a few places still left in the world where-for now, at least-my family and I can worship in peace, defend our homestead and persons, and be around others who want to do the same.

With what is brewing in our country, I’d rather be in a place with others who won’t go down easy, where those around me aren’t going to happily turn over their rights for the sake of the false god of self or Gaia. It’s not perfect, but I do praise God for the opportunity to move to a new place, a place that seems like a better place for us to dig in our roots. But we will of course let God do the leading, and pray whatever He has in store for us here, that we would happily take it on for His glory in these final days!


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