Ephesians 5:11 Bumper Stickers & Support End Times Mama

This is a quick post to share that I have officially opened up donations for this site and ministry. You can read all about the various ways you can support End Times Mama here.

As I mention on the support page, I have intentions of designing and manufacturing stickers to sell as a way to fund this site. So to give it a shot, I’ve designed some bumper stickers which I am offering for free with donations of $10 or more.


Ephesians 5:11 is a touchstone for us truthers, as we are often accused of dwelling on the negative or focusing too much on evil. However, this verse is clear that exposing these works of darkness is a spiritual practice. There are certainly stumbling blocks within the truther community and this type of research requires discernment and a sober mind. But many of us still derive great spiritual growth from the practice of exposing darkness and separating ourselves from the world.

On the sticker I listed several points of the “greater Satanic conspiracy” as I often call the NWO/depopulation/antichrist agenda. I created this because there are many unbelievers out there who are aware of things such as false flags, depopulation, geoengineering, the Fed and the global elite, and I thought it would be a powerful witness to put a Bible verse for the reason why we expose these things.

If you feel so inclined please make a donation and you will receive your free sticker. If you’d like more or you have any issues please feel free to contact me. If you can’t help financially please see the support page for more ways you can help!

Thank you all and keep exposing the darkness!

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