Hateful, Bigoted, Intolerant Liberals


I would like to speak out a bit about my first-hand experience with the intense intolerance and bigotry that are found within the socially liberal, cultural Marxist community. This is by no means a claim about all people within these communities, I definitely have friends and family members who disagree with my views but respect my right to hold them and still judge me by my actions rather than simply my beliefs.

But I do know people, some who used to be very close to me, who are so obliviously indoctrinated by the tenants of cultural Marxism that they consider my beliefs to be morally inferior to their own simply because I believe in a moral absolutism that is different than their own. Now, of course, as someone who believes in moral absolutism that would be just fine if they simply had different moral absolutes than I do. Which they do, but here’s the first major irony of the left: when pluralism becomes a moral absolute. I would even go as far as to say it is no longer pluralism at this point, and this is the cultural Marxism influence here: that because Christianity has supposedly been judging and subjugating all oppressed people for so long, now only Christianity is invalid and all other belief systems are morally superior simply because they have supposedly been persecuted historically by those holding Judeo-Christian values. 

The fact that I believe the Bible and the morals it teaches has not always been met not with love, tolerance, acceptance and patience one might expect from a community that values these things. Certainly if I had become a Hindu or Buddhist or come out as gay or identified as a man one day that would be met with love and acceptance and my rights would be passionately defended. But make a choice to believe in Jesus and express in an apologetic fashion that I had logical, intelligent reasons for coming to that conclusion? Hate speech, apparently.

This was not what I thought we believed in when I held a similar worldview to these people.

I have, however, come to realized that the beliefs I held were, by definition, whether I realized it or not, anti-Christian. I certainly would have thought I’d treat a Christian with love and acceptance and the proper PC rhetoric that their beliefs were valid to them and that I respected that. But still, in my eyes, Republicans, Bible-believing Christians, totalitarian dictators and oil barons were essentially all the same people, maintaining the patriarchy and the uneven distribution of wealth. I considered the morals of Christianity to be fundamentally flawed and its fundamentalist adherents to be narrow-minded, bigoted, racist, homophobic, sexist and basically inbred backwards-thinking hillbillies who were sorely deprived from enlightenment as a result of childhoods devoid of Brazillian jazz, international cuisine and Marxist rhetoric. Without ever having met any, of course. In fact, the majority of the liberals I know who have been most appalled by my beliefs do not appear to have ever met a conservative Christian other than me.

The fact of the matter is that the oft-idolized counter-culture movements of the 60’s and 70’s were in fact challenging the establishment of a society based around Judeo-Christian values. The nuclear family, the American dream, and desiring a stable life of financial security and a wholesome community in which to raise one’s children were deemed completely unimaginative and oppressive to the women and children. Everyone needed to break free from the bonds of cultural expectations for love, marriage and the family (as I mentioned in my last post I talked about this agenda at length with BDK on the Omega Frequency last week).

Growing up, I believed in art, free expression, sex and love without boundaries or classical definitions, creating one’s own reality and defining one’s own identity. Don’t get me wrong-I still don’t trust the Greater Establishment but I’ve learned who they really are-and how much they do in fact want Judeo-Christian values to be challenged (again, see said podcast linked above).

I was constantly told, and told others, how much “society” wanted to “keep X down”, it was the establishment and the upper classes that wanted to oppress women and people of color and homosexuals, and to mandate Biblical values and monotheism. Old-fashioned capitalistic American values that had put the elite in place and prevented the poor from being empowered were, to me, synonymous with Christianity.

How my mind got changed and turned around is a long story (you can read part of my testimony, “From Leftist Revolutionary to Radical Christian” here, or listen to it on, again, The Omega Frequency or The End Times Mama Podcast). But long story short I got fed up with the system and moved out here, to Hawaii, where I met my future husband, who shared with me the wonderful Good News of My Lord and Savior.

At first, my friends didn’t really care too much, because I kind of kept my faith to myself and just told people not to worry, I wasn’t a Republican and didn’t agree with most Christians. Looking back, I realize they thought that I was reassuring them that I wasn’t opposed to homosexuality, I was still a gender feminist, I was still a liberal, I was still a Marxist. I’ll never forget the moment I completely humiliated my now-former best friend by telling a Planned Parenthood fundraiser on the street that no thanks, I was a Christian. She was mortified. I didn’t call him a baby killer, I didn’t tell him he was going to hell, I didn’t even say I was opposed to abortion, I just said no thanks, I’m not going to donate to Planned Parenthood because I’m a Christian.

Looking back, this was a turning point for me. It dawned on me just how absurd it was that something as small as politely placing yourself on the opposite side of a massive ideological divide from someone else was seen as incredibly outrageous.

And you know what?

In liberal, open-minded, diverse, multicultural San Francisco, it is completely outrageous to oppose someone’s values. In a world where everyone thinks their whole life centers around challenging stereotypes, smashing oppression, influencing culture, most leftists really have a pretty standardized, narrow-minded, dictated narrative that is constantly reinforced by the world around them. They all join in in opposing social standards and moral systems that they are never oppressed by. That they’re not even familiar with. That, when they actually face someone they know adapting these conservative values, they are so shocked and appalled that they end up doing exactly what they always accuse conservative Christians of doing. 

They reject them, shut them out, tell them they’re crazy, tell them they’re social sinners, put them in the social justice warrior stocks and wonder aloud, while being offended at the mere suggestion of an answer, how on earth anyone could be so dumb as to think differently than them.

The only belief system that is valid to them is the one that forces everyone to say that all belief systems are valid. If you don’t believe that, you’re a heretic.

Mainstream leftist culture has created their own social standard, their own moral absolutism that, rather than create an environment in which people respect one another’s differences and strive to live in peace, they alienate and ostracize those who believe differently than them. I am perfectly aware that they are largely completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy or the great irony of the way their ideals function in this way.

What is personal about this to me is that in the last year, three of my closest friends officially severed their connection to me, because of my beliefs and because I expressed them. And I will not lie, it has hurt me deeply. These were very close friends, who I thought I’d always keep in touch with, and, while I doubt it even occurs to them, I never once thought of cutting ties with despite the fact that they themselves hold views that are radically opposed to my own. And yet, even though they could have easily just fallen out of touch as I live 3,000 miles away and people naturally grow apart, they made sure to cut ties because I am now a follower of their great, big ideological boogieman: traditional Christianity.

This is the best of cultural Marxism in place. Rather than a world of actual tolerance, the supposed oppressed and those who support them put themselves deliberately, directly in opposition to the groups they consider to be doing the oppressing. As any good revolution in history always resulted with just a different group of people in power, cultural Marxism has simply created a new set of mandated social standards. I honestly often feel like I could probably relate to my grandparents, who left a conservative Baptist community in Texas to be bohemian, communist-sympathizer psychotherapists in San Francisco in the 50’s. I imagine they had the same strained tensions with their old friends and family members, wanting to say things that simply weren’t allowed, wanting to explain their new beliefs but being faced with people stuck in their ways who just didn’t want to understand. The left has just become the people they think they’re fighting, and, in the process, are throwing the values they believe they hold so dear right out the window. Tolerance. Love. Acceptance. Peace. But only towards what they agree with.


I still believe passionately in loving people despite their beliefs, and as I said at the beginning there are people out there who are as leftist as they come who do too. Not everyone I know has rejected me, but that does not mean the trend is not there. I know many others who have taken similar paths to God as myself who face the same ironic bigotry from those who call them bigots.

But I’d like to end this with the most important point that I could possibly make on this topic: we cannot let the pendulum swing back. We cannot simply play their game right back at them like they are doing to us. We are Christians, first and foremost, and that means if people are rejecting us for Christ’s sake (and it is our job to make sure that is really the case and that we are not just being judgmental bigoted jerks) we are blessed, and we ought to pray for them and love them. This has been the real blessing and formative  learning experience for me. I will openly admit I felt very bitter and hurt and at times still do. But at the end of the day, what hurts me more is that they are rejecting a God who loves them, who died for them on the cross. The real non-judgment that comes from me that they are not at all aware of is that I don’t hold anything they do or say or believe in against them, not at all. I understand completely because I was there once, dissatisfied, frustrated, wanting to make the world a better place. And I have found so much peace and resolution in Christ. The One who ultimately judges them is the one who loves them more than they can know.

I have a lot of faith that other liberals can find those answers in Christ as well. So while it is easy to be bitter or upset when we are rejected for incredibly hypocritical reasons, we can’t play their game. Because, after all, their game of empowering themselves by claiming victim hood while demanding state-mandated freedom doesn’t even make any sense. We can’t just turn around and claim victimhood ourselves. It’s worth noting these hypocrisies for the sake of argument but I do not feel victimized by my friends or the passionate haters of Christianity. I know that they are the victims of their own deceptions and dilusions about what oppression is and who is being oppressed. They have so much worldly power and influence and don’t even know it. I will never think of myself as a victim again because I have Salvation in Christ.

Be truly loving. Be Christian. And shine His light into the lives of as many hateful, bigoted, intolerant liberals as you can.


  1. This is a really great post, Isa. You are absolutely right in what you have written above and have highlighted the most important thing – when we are mistreated for our beliefs as follows of Jesus, we would be wrong to respond the same way. Rather than responding in anger or hate, we are called to respond in love. As my mom used to say, “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

    If we return evil for evil, we are doing the opposite of what God wants from us and not following the example of Christ. My favorite example from Scripture where this is highlighted is in Ephesians where Paul reminds his readers that Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners. In other words, when Jesus was mocked, ridiculed, spit at, rejected, called names etc., His response was love. He loved the very ones so much that even when they poured out their wrath and hatred, He died for them. This in my opinion is the essence of beauty…that in the midst of such ugliness in the world, Jesus chose to respond with love and compassion.

    When we follow this example, amazing things occur as a result. God’s power is manifested through us, and the world is changed for the better. If we truly want to make the world a better place, we would do well to heed Jesus’ words to love our enemies. Even better is to realize that people aren’t our real enemies; our true enemy is Lucifer and all the evil beings who follow him. As you pointed out, those who consider themselves to be liberal, Marxist, etc. are simply blind to the truth and reality of God’s love just as we were once. Our job is to help them experience that love and pray that in time, God would open their eyes to see the truth.

    • friscogirlinhana@gmail.com

      Yes, Amen brother Dave!! That was really what I was trying to get at so I’m glad I was able to convey it well. It’s been on my heart a lot lately mostly because it’s what I struggle with. It’s so easy to just debate or argue or mock, but as you said Christ found us when we had our backs turned to Him and now He has a commission for us to try to reach others in the same position.

  2. friscogirlinhana@gmail.com


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