The Amazing Benefits of Amber Necklaces (and An Awesome Christian Family Business That Sells Them!)

If you do not already have a toddler bedecked in the finest of Baltic amber, you have probably seen these necklaces on babies and toddlers at the health food store or farmer’s market. I actually always say you can tell a crunchy family before they even bust out their Life Factory glass bottles or kale chips by the strand of little brown amber around their child’s neck. I actually used to think they were just some hippie thing, you know for balancing a child’s chakras or something, but there’s actually very solid science behind the amazing benefits of Baltic Amber that I think make for a very God-honoring reason to use them. Just another wonder of God’s creation!

Amber necklaces have increased in popularity in the last few years, and are commonly used to ease teething symptoms in babies and toddlers, but they have a multitude of other amazing health benefits as well. Contrary to what you might think, they are not actually used to chew on (although your child will  most likely try, as teething children will chew on anything!). This is what is really amazing-they provide calming and healing just by being worn!

Baltic amber, which is actually fossilized tree resin, contains something called succinic acid, which, when the amber is warmed by the body, is absorbed through the skin. Succinic acid is really amazing for us, it bolsters immune system function, balances pH, acts as a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and-of course-as it reduces inflammation, it can greatly greatly ease the symptoms of teething.

I had always heard of the amazing benefits of amber for teething babies but had actually never looked into it myself, mostly because I was certain my husband would not care for his boys wearing necklaces, (although I do think they look very handsome on boys I must say). But when a dear friend of mine offered to send some to me for the boys, I was really excited to give them a try.

This friend and her husband have recently started a lovely little company that specializes in amber necklaces called Cutie Academy. I have been absolutely loving their darling Instagram posts of their precious little model and happy customers donning the necklaces. I absolutely love their branding and their logo, too (my dad was a graphic designer so these things get me really excited).

And when the necklaces arrived my admiration of their branding increased-they are packaged in really sleek and cute little black boxes with their logo on it, helpful, well-designed literature inside with the necklaces which come in handy little baggies for safekeeping (this is very useful as you are not meant to leave the necklace on the child when they are sleeping or unattended).


I was immediately really pleased with the necklaces themselves. They’re designed perfectly for little necks, with a very handy screw-clasp so the child can’t undo it easily, knots between each bead to prevent a big spill in the very unlikely event that the necklace were to break, and they’re strung on very sturdy cord so it seems pretty difficult to break anyway. I had always thought amber necklaces might be kind of heavy, but for being so sturdy and well-made, these are incredibly lightweight, which I love, because it seems way less likely to bother a particularly fussy child.

As I am writing this, my children are 2 years old and 3.5 years old, and I really wish I’d gotten amber necklaces for them sooner. My 2 year old seems very calm whenever he is wearing the necklace, and its easy to remove without bothering him once he’s asleep. My older son, however, just tugged at it and bugged me until I removed it (another reason I wish I’d gotten one sooner!), so I just wear it doubled around my wrist. Not sure if this would work for everyone as I have freakishly tiny wrists, but I actually suffer from carpal tunnel and I find when I wear the beads a considerable reduction in symptoms. I’m definitely a believer!

Again, amber necklaces are just another reminder to me of how incredible creation is. Amber has been used for centuries to reduce pain and I’m sure before people knew about the acid contained in it they attributed it to some kind of spiritual power. Something I think is really neat though, is that this tree sap hardened hundreds, if not thousands of years ago and yet it has healing benefits for us now. Billions of dollars are poured into a pain relief industry that provides us with medication that can cause addiction, liver damage and death, and yet God’s amazing creation contains pain relief that simply needs to be worn and warmed up by your body heat to be effective. Remedies like this, in my opinion, are a chance to rely on God’s design rather than man’s concoctions to heal and support us, which has to come from a place of faith.

And the really cool thing is, this company is a small, cottage industry run by a crunchy, Christian married couple who’s hip to the ins and outs of said health industrial complex. The majority of companies that are going to sell these necklaces are going to be run by earth-worshiping new agers, and while that is certainly better than Pfizer or Wal-Mart (and btw I definitely don’t advocate for boycotting new agers, I don’t judge outside the body), how cool to support a company that is Christ-focused and God-honoring? I am really a believer in what they are doing and in all Christians who are trying to make a living doing something they are passionate about and to bring a product to the world that can truly help people, naturally, giving God the glory.

If you have a teething child, please show your support for Christian small businesses and check these necklaces out!

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