Families on the Fringe Podcast Series 1st Episode

If you haven’t ever listened to God’s Property Radio, I highly recommend checking out some of their archived shows. Sam and Dan have put together a great podcast that contextualizes the greater Satanic conspiracy with our daily lives and struggles to keep healthy in this dying world (some of my favorite episodes are listed at the end of this post). I have always really appreciated their perspective as husbands and fathers. I was recently given the opportunity to begin a podcast series for GPR that would expand on these topics, specifically from the perspective of growing families and individuals interested in escaping the Western sick care matrix.

Listen now:

Families on the Fringe, Episode 1: One World Religion Education Methods

In this first episode of the podcast series Families on the Fringe, I explain a bit about my personal path to fringy topics, why we felt this series was needed for fringy families, and also the Biblical view I have towards topics that can at times be frightening to understand and explore, particularly for parents.

Then I discuss some findings I have made about the history of both the Montessori and Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf schooling methods. These schooling methods are popular among the more alternative homeschooling community, and offer a wide range of wholesome, individually-oriented activities and lesson plans that cultivate and accommodate personal learning style and developmental stage of the child. You have probably seen Montessori or Waldorf inspired activities and crafts on Pinterest homeschooling boards.

However, when you dig into the history of these schooling methods, you find behind their founders was a brand of esoterism and spiritual philosophy that is troubling. Both Steiner and Montessori were intimately involved with the Thesophical society and movement, Steiner as a direct protégé of Helena Blavatksy and Montessori as a personal friend of Annie Bessant, who went on to be financially supported by the Theosophical Society during her exile in India during WWII.

Upon examining the statements Montessori and Statement made about their respective teaching philosophies, you can see this influence and as well as the similarity to theosophy pretty clearly. While many of the teaching methods put forth in the writings of these teachers are certainly very useful and true, they also form a perfect example of the deception we need to be aware of as believers and parents. Every good lie has to have some truth to it, after all. And unfortunately, this type of philosophy is much more prominent than Montessori or Waldorf schools. It turns out that UN education initiatives and UNSECOS’s Common Core and World Core Curriculums are far more influential on global approaches to education and have a very disturbing history as well.

Our families are direct mirrors of our relationship with God and it is in the order of the family unit that we learn to serve and honor Him. We need to be vigilant not to let the many manifestations of the serpents lie permeate in to what we expose our children to, but also to ultimately trust the Lord to guide our decisions and give us His wisdom and discernment.

Sources and Resources:

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