The Coming Storm and Spiritual Preparedness

First I head about the Ebola virus being allowed into the US mainland, which threatens Hawaii as much as the rest of the US. There were over 500,000 domestic visitors to the State in June of this year alone; that’s hundreds of flights daily that help to bridge the 2,467 mile gap from us and the mainland. Then, yesterday I hear there is a large tropical depression headed our way. A lot on my plate today as far as spiritual preparedness.

To be completely frank, I spend a lot of time trying to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of massive disaster, supply lines to the island cut, and watching my children suffer (or worse). You don’t spend most of your time looking into and discussing the imminence of natural and man-made disaster without constantly considering how your family would be effected by them.

I’ve been thinking about spiritual preparedness a lot lately. Whether you take the Book of Revelation or Christ’s descriptions of the signs of His return literally, it’s hard to deny the Christian scriptures constantly implore us to be prepared.

Today, my husband and I are taking a break from preparing ourselves from the Greater Coming Storm to prepare for the literal storm coming our way. We are buying water containers, propane, batteries, candles. I’m going to dehydrate eggs to add to our meager prep stash, make sure we’ll have enough food to get through the weekend, and try to get as much laundry done as possible before the storm hits (don’t want to get stuck with a bunch of dirty cloth diapers with the power out). When it makes landfall, we’ll fill the bathtubs and sinks.

But whatever happens with the weather, or Ebola, or for that matter in Israel, the Ukraine, with the international banking system or whatever, we know there IS a greater coming storm we’ve seen on the horizon for awhile that will transcend geographical restrictions. The greater truther community is quite informed, but are we prepared?

Today as we inventory our material emergency supplies, I’m reminded that I need to constantly inventory my spiritual supplies. As Yaweh carefully instructed Noah how to build the Ark, and what to fill it with, Yeshua in turn gave us careful instructions how to build and supply our spiritual Ark, and, more importantly, how to enter it. Through Him.

Everything He told us to have for the storm is what we’ve got to be stocking up on now, before it’s too late. We have to walk in Him no matter what the cost. We are going to have to keep faith in the greatest suffering the world has ever known, potentially.

So check to make sure you’ve got enough faith, hope and love. Pray for no fear and more belief. Protect yourself from deceit and let the dead bury the dead. Put on the full armor. Love your neighbor. Love the Lord. Ask for these supplies and you shall receive.

And as for water? Don’t worry, that’s the one thing we will never run out of.

Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life. John 4:14

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  1. Lovely lovely! And everything I needed to hear.

    Please write more; you’re such a blessing to us all!

  2. Lovely lovely! And everything I needed to hear.

    Please write more; you’re such a blessing to us all!

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