On International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day, which is of course a construct of the modern UN gender equality (i.e. gender neutralization) agenda. As much as I have to say about all of that, I don’t actually want to rant about it today. Because honestly, and I probably join many rabid feminists …

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Social Media Election Burnout


So this isn’t exactly an original post topic. I think we all get social media burnout at times, and yet we just keep logging on. And yes, lately, I have been feeling totally fried on social media. Twitter is just exhausting, Facebook overwhelming and discouraging, I never even could get …

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Hateful, Bigoted, Intolerant Liberals


I would like to speak out a bit about my first-hand experience with the intense intolerance and bigotry that are found within the socially liberal, cultural Marxist community. This is by no means a claim about all people within these communities, I definitely have friends and family members who disagree with my views …

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End Times Mama on Omega Frequency


I was recently very honored to be a guest on the wonderful podcast for the end times ministry, The Omega Frequency, not once, but twice these past few weeks. We had two really great conversations so I wanted to make sure to link back to them on this site. BDK …

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End Times Mama Podcast 01: Testimony


For the first episode of the End Times Mama Podcast, I will be sharing my plans to use the podcast as a medium to discuss issues very close to my heart, particularly cultural Marxism, feminism and the destruction of the family unit. I also discuss a bit about how and why I started my blog and ministry.

The majority of this episode, however, will be the testimony of an end times mama, and how a regular old San Francisco hippie-raised, theosophist-educated, armchair socialist revolutionary ended up living in the country in Hawaii pregnant, barefoot, singing Jesus’ praise, deleting all her Led Zeppelin and learning about creation science.

Eating Clean for the End


I have been doing a series for this blog called “Sweating for the End” to motivate you (and me!) to see exercise as an important aspect of end times prep, and also just as an invaluable practice for general health and well-being. I wrote my first post because I myself …

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