Rejoicing In Times to Come


Phew, it has been so long since I have posted, and it’s driving me nuts! I absolutely love blogging, and I am determined to never let this little page die. But of course, as a huge focus of my writing is Biblical womanhood, I have had to place my own …

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Prayer for End Times Mothers: July


Hey sisters and brothers, I have not been posting anywhere near as much as I’d like! I have been working full-time and still settling into our new home and routine. I assure you I will be back to my regular posting rhythm very soon, and would appreciate prayers for this …

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Fourth of July Rant: The NWO is Anti-American


Some incoherent rambling thoughts in response to cynical 4th of July posts that I probably would have been writing myself last year: Look, American business and military interest have massively screwed up the globe in many ways. But at the same time, hatred for America and a rejection of patriotism …

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On International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day, which is of course a construct of the modern UN gender equality (i.e. gender neutralization) agenda. As much as I have to say about all of that, I don’t actually want to rant about it today. Because honestly, and I probably join many rabid feminists …

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Social Media Election Burnout


So this isn’t exactly an original post topic. I think we all get social media burnout at times, and yet we just keep logging on. And yes, lately, I have been feeling totally fried on social media. Twitter is just exhausting, Facebook overwhelming and discouraging, I never even could get …

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